Friday, June 5, 2009

Blog Introduction

Welcome to the new blog portion of the Quincy Community Theatre website.  I am hoping for this blog to be an interactive way for patrons and volunteers to directly interact with Quincy Community Theatre.  Have a question about one of the programs we offer?  Want information on how the theatre is run?  Want to know the behind the scenes tricks to some of the magic you see on stage?  Well ask away!  You might even have a comment on a past show you saw at QCT, post it here.  There are endless opportunities as to what can be talked about on this blog.  Please keep your blogs polite, any posts that are deemed hurtful or aggressive will find their way to the cutting room floor.  That being said, all posts which are constructive, whether complimentary or not, will make it to the blog. 

So let the blogging begin!  If it's on your mind it's probably on another persons as well.

Dominic Cattero
Managing Artistic Director

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