Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Choosing a season!

Choosing a season for Quincy Community Theatre is a difficult task and not one that can be done alone.  Many people think that I, Dominic Cattero, sit in a room and choose the shows.  That is not the case.  There is a committee of community members who sit, read and discuss scripts for seven months looking for a well-balanced season.  This committee then reaches a decision by late July.  This decision is a difficult one and must take many things into consideration.  Therefore, the committee looks for a well balanced season including; audience appeal, shows that will challenge our volunteers, designers and directors, a show option for every age range and gender, shows which are financially doable and shows which are available and for which we can obtain rights.  That being said there is not one show in the world that reaches all of those criteria.  That is why QCT produces 7 shows each year.  Our hope is that in any given season there is a show for everyone.  The play reading committee's job is on of the most difficult at QCT.


Right now our play reading committee is in the final stages of this process and creating a truly well rounded season.  I look forward to sharing it with everyone in August.

Please feel free to leave a post of shows you would like us to consider in the future.


Dominic Cattero

Managing Artistic Director

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