Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Season kicks off today!

So today officially kicked off my
first full season as Managing Artistic Director for Quincy Community Theatre! Now
a few of the handful of readers of my blog may say “didn’t theatre café kick
off your first season?” Technically,
yes-but that was a new experiment, which was very successful and that we will
certainly do again. So I’m thinking in a traditional way of the Kick off for
I watched the student matinée of Tom Sawyer-The Broadway Musical today
(Now thru Sunday, Feb. 5. Photo: Jay Stalder as Tom & Wes Friday as Huck)
. What fun I
had! I am always so proud of the work
our student theatre produces under the sure hand our student theatre director (Brandon Thomsen (who won the award for the Teaching Artist of the Year!!). We had a full house of area school kids and I
was fascinated by the responses we heard on their exiting the theatre. Seeing all their shiny faces made my
day. There is a very large gang of
adults and students involved in the cast, crew and pit—over 50 people all
told! It was great seeing many of the
performers I know up there doing excellent work, but also scoping the cast for
future actors for the QCT main stage.
We also started rehearsals for the
first “Season Ticket” production –The Boy
Friend by Sandy Wilson (March 8-18).
This was the first musical that QCT ever produced back in the 80’s. Sometimes I’m a bit frustrated at the small
turn out of performers at our auditions, so I am always beating the bushes for
new talent to grace our boards. The Boy Friend has five brand-new
performers and a few who just recently started acting with us. I get excited after the first few rehearsals
where we read and discuss what the play is about. It was very encouraging to hear all the
laughs from the cast.
I hope you have an opportunity to see these
first two productions –one student theatre, one main stage. If you aren’t a season ticket holder—you
should be, because we have a fun-filled season of excellent productions lined
up. Take a moment to go to our web site to
review the full line-up of offerings and make sure you sign up to receive our
email blasts. It’s the best way to keep
yourself abreast of what is happening.