Monday, December 21, 2009

A Great 2009 Season!

As we were preparing to start the 2009 season everyone at QCT was filled with excitement, anticipation and fear. You see QCT's 2009 season was one of the largest and most demanding seasons in our history; with more large shows crammed into a twelve month period than presents in Santa’s sack. After many meetings, auditions, rehearsals, opening nights and closing nights-- we did it! Looking back over the past twelve months, (which flew by), I ask myself, "how and why did the 2009 season turn out so incredibly?" I can come up with three reasons: our volunteers, our staff and our patrons. Therefore, if you are reading this and fit into one of those categories, (and chances are if you're reading this you do fit into one of those categories), thank you. Thank you for giving QCT the honor of entertaining you in 2009. We look forward to entertaining you again in 2010.

Happy New Year,

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