Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Top five reasons to purchase season tickets.

1. You are free to choose the Fixed or Flex Plan.

You can choose how you wish to buy your Season Tickets. We let you decide to either have the same great seats for all 6 shows with the Fixed Plan or to have different prime seats with the Flex Plan.

2. You get the best seats.

Whether you choose the Fixed or the Flex Plan, you can still get your reservations made before the general public, which guarantees you the best seats in the sections your season ticket is eligible to sit.

3. You enjoy a regular night out.

No time to plan your evening out? Subscribing to QCT assures you six nights out each year with no hassles and no planning.

4. You have flexibility.

Having trouble committing to a series of dates? No problem! If your schedule changes, your tickets can too! Lost your tickets or someone stole them? We'll take care of you! You are guaranteed prompt replacement of tickets.

5. You save money.

On average, your season ticket will save you 40% off of regular ticket prices. Also, Season ticket holders receive discounted rates on extra ticket purchases. You don't even have to attend all 6 shows for your season ticket to save you money! If you were to pay at the door for each performance you would spend $103. Why spend that much money when a season ticket to the entire season starts at $62.00. First time season ticket holders have an option to purchase a season ticket for $45.00. You do the math.

I look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming production of Miracle on 34th St.

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