Friday, July 17, 2009

Breathing life into "The Producers"

We are now approaching the time in “The Producers” rehearsal schedule called tech, short for technical rehearsal. This is where everything Technical becomes embedded into the fiber of the show. These elements include but are not limited to; crew, lights, costumes, sound, orchestra, flies and special effects. Unlike the other elements in the show such as choreography, blocking and music, which have nearly two months to become solidified, the technical elements have four days, four very long days to reach perfection. Tech rehearsals will be about 10 hours in length and will consist of continual stopping and starting until each cue is absolutely perfect and ready for an audience to see. With “The Producers” these tech days will be significantly longer than the typical show due to the amount of cues the stage manager must call in this production. “The Producers” has over 200 light cues, 17 scene changes and over 50 fly cues.

How does this compare to the average show?
This is more than double the amount of cues in a typical show.

I told you this was a big show. Still don’t believe me? You’ll just have to come witness the magical spectacle that is, “The Producers”.

July 23-26 & July 29-August 2

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